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Cocktails + Pairings

Farm Kissed

1.5 oz. 1911 gin
2 oz. 1911 Heritage Dry Hard Cider
2 oz. fruit puree (strawberries and/or seasonal berries)
3 fresh strawberries (can substitute seasonal berries)
3 slices cucumber
Fresh mint sprig

Build the cocktail by first adding strawberries, cucumber and mint to a 12 oz. cup; muddle ingredients (precut ingredients for a faster muddle); add ice, fruit puree and gin; give a quick shake, then top off with hard cider; ENJOY!

Cocktails and Pairings

Orchard Breeze

Our inland version of the classic Sea Breeze starts with the award winning 1911 Vodka combined with the legendary Beak & Skiff Fresh Apple Cider. Add a splash of cranberry and a squeeze of lime and you have the perfect anytime cocktail!

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